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This wiki is about role-play. Smiliar to "The Band of Brothers" Wiki my brother made, aswell as the 10 part series Band of Brothers, and Generation War (Unsere Mutter, Unsere Vatter.) We do reenactments on ROBLOX focusing mainly on the Western Front and Afrika Campaign in North Africa, and Europe. This means you have the choice of being an American Soldier, German Soldier, British Soldier, or French Resistance.

You don't have to have a picture for your character but you must atleast have enough detail on them. Like, explain about their early life, military service, post war troubles (if they have any), and later life. No more than atleast 6 -8 paragraphs in each section for each character. Each user may have as many impressions as they like, but they must have their ROBLOX Username after their character name.

Example: "Galland Radec (captainfort) [Date of Birth and Date of Death Here.]"



United Kingdom

Nazi Germany


American Impressions

UK and Ireland Impressions

German Impressions

French Resistance Impressions